I have been studying quantum physics, bodily based informational systems and bioenergetics for 15 years.  The development of energetic and informational evaluation and facilitation programs to intervene in the Human Bio-Field and bodily energy system are based on research in the emerging science of quantum physics.  Each of us has an energy field and an energetic system that underlies all the systems of the body.  The advent of epigenetics, quantum energy and energy based evaluation and treatment system developments have afforded science a new energetic vantage point from which to view each of us. The scientific research on all of these developments has grown exponentially with the research findings reaching energy practitioners and energy system developers.  The combination of knowledge, wisdom, experience and research findings that has led to the development of the various energy systems, programs and treatment modalities that are showcased on this website. My interest in energetic treatment applications that treat the bodily energy field has resulted in this website and the accumulated knowledge and wisdom of this website.

By simply visiting my web site, you have intitiated a new set of possibilities in and for your life.  You have created a new potential for the present and future by simply being willing to consider new opportunities and options in your life. A click of your mouse button opens new avenues of growth and change for you.  I developed this website because I believe that we all can benefit from understanding bioenergetics, epigenetics, quantum physics and quantum treatment methods as they support us in our creation of our lives moment by moment. 

This website is designed to provide you with a quick and concise overview of my quantum energy and energetic evaluation procedures, my intervention philosophy, background, office photos, quantum energy education and my quantum energy tools and facilitation services.  I provide my clients with an understanding of the quantum energy model of treatment and the intervention techniques and tools that I use when working with my clients.  I believe that you will find the information on this web site to be informative and useful as you learn more about me and the services that I offer. 

The web site directory on each page will inform you about each topic that is listed on this website and each website page will provide you with an opportunity to learn more about the contents of this site.  I welcome you to spend some time becoming acquainted with all of the information and services that are available through this website.  I also want to thank you for taking the time to visit this site!

Your growth and change process begins with your decision to positively change and evolve so that you can move in the direction of your positive destiny. I will help you to move toward achieving the quality of life that you have been hoping for.  Your choice can be activated by simply requesting an appointment on this web site or by calling me at 281-757-3760.  You can email me at I welcome the opportunity to accompany you on your journey of personal growth and celebration. 

John Garlock, Ph.D. 
NES Certified Practitioner

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